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  1. Nicolas Horsch

    Nicolas Horsch New Member

    Player Information
    WW2 Axis vs Allies RP

    In-game name:
    Nicolas Horsch

    Discord Name:


    Steam Name:
    not smurfing

    Your current rank (ULX):


    Own a microphone:

    Amount of Warns:

    Total time with the community (weeks):
    1 week

    Administration Availability ( how long you play on the server on average a day):
    Depends on the day from 1 to almost 16 hours a day

    Previous Administrative Experience ( server name rank why you left):
    Super Admin in Slave RP for about 1 year and a few months, my pc broke down and it was a long time untill i got it fixed and the server managers that used to ''work'' with me left the server so i couldn't get my rank back

    Why should we support your application, and what makes you more qualified than other players? 4-5 sentences ):
    I'm used to be under a lot of pressure (the time i played used to have minimum 40+ players on and lots of admin calls / sits, have lots of experience with ULX commands.

    Why do you want to be staff (100 characters minimum):
    I want to help the community grow in a healthy way, I know how to work under pressure since i already have lots of experience in role playing and working as SA for a very long time, and i see a few off the staff members don't know their way about the commands, like promoting and demoting i could help them with that, I live in a completely diferent time zone that almost all the player or all the players of the server UTC -3 wich means i can play with EU and US players and help them have a good rp experience by doing all the things i'm able to do to improve their game

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