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  1. Timothy

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    Player Information

    server: WW1

    in-game name: Ernst Tank

    Discord Name&tag: Timothy/Seabear Attack#7402

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:142495121


    Own a microphone: Yes

    Do you have any warns/bans?:No

    Total time with the community (weeks): 46 weeks give or take a few

    Administration Availability ( how long you play on the server on average a day): 3 Hours For Weekday and 4-6 on Weekend

    Previous Administrative Experience ( server name rank why you left): I was a moderator on IG, then I left for Windshear gaming where I was a senior admin. Once that closed I joined OH and became an admin, I then left for a time as I didn't like the whole Vietnam idea/ Then I saw they they went to WW1, something more like WW2 so I came back.

    Why should we support your application, and what makes you more qualified than other players?:
    I have been on this staff team before and I was trusted then and I did what I was told. Im not a mingy person and I try to stop all types of it. I also have past experience and know what I am doing.

    Why do you want to be staff (50 characters minimum):
    rs minimum): I want to be staff because I want WW1 to be successful and to be known as a well kept, fun, and non mingy server. I also want to be staff in order to keep the server is a stable condition. The last reason I want to be staff is because it would make my life as a Central Powers CO easier because I will be able to white-list people and keep people in check.
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  2. Barryged

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    1Is gud at overwatchВ В Would make a great staff member.I know that old hours dont count, so good luck.В

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