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  1. Mec

    Mec New Member

    Staff Application

    Player Information

    Server: Vietnam RP
    In-game name: 1st ATF SSGT Bill Abrams
    Discord Name: Kavac
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:24832418
    Steam Name: Mec
    Your current rank (ULX): User
    Age: 21
    Own a microphone: Yes
    Amount of Warns: 0
    Total time with the community (weeks): 2 Weeks

    Administration Availability ( how long you play on the server on average a day): 4-8 hours, daily.

    Previous Administrative Experience ( server name rank why you left):

    Hammerfall Gaming (Original Star Wars RP): Senior Admin; Server shut down

    Aftershock Gaming (Imperial, Imperial Occupation): Moderator, Administrator, Super Admin, Staff Manager, Server Manager, Game Master, Head Game Master, Community Manager; Left twice to work on other projects

    DGKDR (Clone Wars): Super Admin, Head Moderator, Game Master, Head Game Master, Developer; Left due to schedule conflicts

    Outreach Networks (Clone Wars): Head Game Master, Super Admin; Server shut down

    Valhalla Networks (Clone Wars): Head Game Master, Server Manager, Developer; Server shut down

    Imperium Gaming (HECU): Head Game Master; Server shut down

    Axios Legion (Clone Wars): Game Master, Admin; Server shut down

    Black Market Gaming (Clone Wars): Developer, Server Manager; Server shut down

    LMG Networks (1950's Mafia RP): Head Admin; Community shut down

    Plex Co (Never-named custom Dystopian RP): Developer; Server never took off

    Pulsar Networks (Rebel Alliance RP): Founder, Developer, Head Gamemaster; Server failed to gain a user base

    Revival (Vietnam RP): Gamemaster; Disagreements between staff
    Why should we support your application, and what makes you more qualified than other players? (4-5 sentences ):

    I've been playing Garry's Mod for soon to be a decade come May, and have been administrating servers for most of that. As the list above me shows, I'm not somebody to stick to just the smaller administrative roles; I can pull my weight when it comes to managing whole servers, as well. You should support this application not simply because of the sheer breadth of experience I bring with me, but because of the commitment to the server I bring with it. Again with the list above me, the only thing that can really destroy my commitment to the server is the destruction or cessation of the server itself. So long as OH doesn't go anywhere, neither will I.

    Why do you want to be staff (100 characters minimum):

    I play Garry's Mod largely for two reasons: roleplay, and administration. Most of the references listed above are the result of staff in previous servers calling for me specifically to help them in a new server or community. With any server that I both devote time to and thoroughly enjoy, I'll always eventually find myself applying for staff. It didn't take long at all to get into the groove here on Vietnam RP, which is why I'm applying for staff with a relatively short span of time under my belt.
  2. Watcher

    Watcher New Member

    +1, plenty of detail, mature, previous staff experience, can play for long hours, good time with the community
  3. OH | Zack Horsch

    OH | Zack Horsch New Member

    Accepted! Dm me on discord for an interview!
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