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    Rules Disclaimer: By conducting yourself in-game, on the forums and on the community discords, you agree that these rules are fair and by extension any punishment dealt towards you is also fair and just when the rules are broken. We retain all rights to publish and inform other communities about your actions on our discords, forums and servers,
    This includes:
    - Name
    - Steam Profile and Identification Numbers
    - PayPal Details
    - Screenshots, recordings and other visual information regarding you.
    We will not publish the following:
    Real life Information such as:
    - addresses
    - state
    - country
    - phone numbers
    Information such as this will be kept confidential unless absolutely required to be made available to the relevant parties, it will never be made public by a member of this community. However we can not take responsibility for what other communities do with this information. You are also agreeing to this fact by conducting yourself in this community.
    The reasoning behind keeping record of community members is primarily to inform other communities of those who:
    - Hack or otherwise abuse game code / mechanics to gain an advantage
    - Perform "Chargebacks" using paypal
    - Perform real life threats towards members of the community (This may result in your local authorities being contacted)
    - - - General Rules - - -
    1) NSFW content of any form is a permanently ban-able offense. Both on discord and In Game.
    2) User harassment and defamation will be met with a permanent ban from this server and likely the community at large. Other communities may also be contacted.
    3) Purposely acting stupid in any situation, In character, on forums or otherwise is not accepted here. "Minges" and "Trolls" will be met with bans.
    4) Attempting to "leak" or divulge personal information of another user will be met with bans and similar action being taken.
    5) Respect one another and staff. We will respect you back.
    6) You have the freedom to say what you want as long as it falls within our guidelines and rules.

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