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    In-Game Name: Commrad Horsch

    Steam Profile:

    Current Staff Rank: Admin

    Mic: Yes

    Activity 4 - 2 hours Week Days 5 - 6 hours weekends

    What is your other experience: I have staffed for Superior Servers, IceFuse, Imperium Gaming, and Zephyr.
    Why do you want to become event staff: I want to become Event Staff because it seems very fun to put together events for others and I want to make people happy. I also want to keep order too. Also I have noticed later on in the day when I am on there is not any events and I think I could change that.

    Why choose You: Choose me because I am dedicated, creative, historically informed, problem solver, and fast thinker.

    Anything else: Thank you for looking at this app and hope you accept me.

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